Pre-Membership Training —  All newcomers and returning members are required to complete one of our Pre-Memberships Training courses. We offer 2 levels of training: Beginner:

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When we make art, we put ourselves in a tender place. And when we challenge ourselves to try something new, hone our skills, or go past where we are confident, we are even more vulnerable. Please be aware that we all need to be treated and spoken to with the greatest care

Many of us here at Outlaw Arts are marginalized by our bigoted society – whether due to race, religion, sexual identity, body size or ability, etc. – and so we are doubly vulnerable. 

When you live with the daily batterings of bigotry, the wounds don’t heal, and the brush or bump of even an innocent remark can hurt like hell. What we say to one another, how we act toward each other, matters very much. Let’s move forward together with dedication to burn down racism and all its siblings.