Outlaw Arts @ Six Senses Clay Studio is a small ceramic studio in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia. We’ve been here for 8 years, quietly inviting people from NW Philly and the surrounding area to come on in and get their creative juices flowing. Our studio is made up of good people who are happy to be helpful, often intuitively wise, ever compassionate and fun. It’s the people here that make this place warm and comfortable. Plus we have excellent equipment, materials, and tools. We offer three different colors of cone 6 stoneware clay, and  have over 50 different glazes, plus slips & underglazes. Our three electric kilns are in the basement, and a gas kiln is being built in the back yard. We also have gallery space in our windows and like to show off work from our professional potters and sculptors, as well as our beginners.

COVID-19 has brought big changes to our little studio. Shared-studio-time is our new normal, maximizing time in the studio (up to 3 hours) while minimizing the number of bodies (2 people).

A handful of  times a month we offer skill-building workshops.

Our children’s classes are small and safe.

Intense cleaning and sanitizing protocols have been in place from the middle of March, and we are getting good at this. Masks on, 6ft apart, cleaning and then sanitizing after ourselves, we welcome newcomers.

Call or text with questions. 267-650-1757