Up Front

Outlaw Arts  functions as a community of artists. Revenue is raised from students and artists who pay fees to use the studio (and to a lesser degree fundraisers and sales of collaborative or donated works of art). We have no employees, and all our revenue is invested back into the studio to pay for rent, utilities, tools, clay, glazes, as well as kiln and other maintenance. Artists interested in working with us should know that our studio is not equipped to support production potters starting their own businesses. We are a wonderful place for beginners who want to learn a new skill, serious hobbyists without their own studio, and those who want to collaborate with and learn from fellow clay artists.

What we Offer

For 10 years we’ve been  quietly inviting people from NW Philly and the surrounding area to come on in and get their creative juices flowing. It’s the people here that make this place warm and comfortable. Plus we have excellent equipment, materials, and tools. We use a membership model, which requires a preliminary introduction period, before allowing independent access to the studio. We offer two colors of cone 6 stoneware clay, and have over 50 different glazes, plus slips & underglazes. Our three electric kilns are in the basement, and a gas kiln is being built in the back yard. We also have gallery space in our windows and like to show off work from our professional potters and sculptors, as well as our beginners. 

HOw it Works


For newcomers (including former studio members who have not been here for awhile), there are steps to take before you get full access:

1. Purchase a 10-pass ($400)

2. Attend a 4-session class (Basics & Throwing or Basics & Handbuilding)

3. Attend two Skill-Building Workshops (Glazing, Smoke Firing, Carving & Underglazing, Advanced Handbuilding, etc.)

4. Sign up for independent studio time, chose a storage shelf for your work, and make the studio your creative home.


3 children’s classes, set up in 4-week sessions, (1.5hrs long, no more than 5 students) are taught by Martha Knox and Lisa Irgang. More classes may be offered during the summer months.

Call or Text with questions 267-650-1757