Up Front

Outlaw Arts  functions as a community of artists. Revenue is raised from students and artists who pay fees to use the studio (and to a lesser degree fundraisers and sales of collaborative or donated works of art). We have no employees, and all our revenue is invested back into the studio to pay for rent, utilities, tools, clay, glazes, as well as kiln and other maintenance. Artists interested in working with us should know that our studio is NOT equipped to support clay artists starting their own businesses. We are a wonderful place for serious hobbyists without their own studio, and those who want to collaborate with and learn from fellow clay artists.

What we Offer

We used to be focused on teaching, and classes took up most of our studio time and attention, which was great, but had its shortcomings. We still offer children’s classes, but no longer offer adult classes, date night’s or drop-ins. Our focus now is on independent studio time with an emphasis on collaboration.  To this end, we welcome newcomers (with min. 8 weeks prior experience in clay) and use a membership model, which requires a preliminary introduction period, before allowing independent access to the studio. The purchase of a 6-pass card ($240) is your first step. After completing your 6-week Pre-Membership Training course, you can choose one of two options: Purchase a 10-pass card ($400) and sign up for workshops or independent studio time, (marking your card each time you come into the studio), or you can sign up for a Working Membership ($230 on the first of each month) for unlimited visits to the studio, in exchange for a weekly studio maintenance job and leadership responsibility.

Your studio time includes reconstituted clay, glazes, firings, shelf space, tools, aprons, etc. (We also sell clay fresh outta the box for $20/bag.) We carry two colors of cone 6 stoneware clay, and have over 40  cone 6 glazes, plus slips, washes, & underglazes. Our three electric kilns are in the basement. We also have gallery space  in the windows, where we show off  and sell work by our  members. 

HOw it Works


For newcomers with clay experience as well as former studio members who have not been here for awhile, there are steps to take before you get full access:

1. Purchase a 6-pass ($240)

2. Attend all sessions of a 6-week course (Pre-Membership Training & Throwing or Pre-Membership Training & Handbuilding)

3. Choose your best option:

-For those who cannot make it to the studio more than once a week, purchase a 10-pass.

-For those who would like to be in the studio more than once a week, and have time to take on a studio chore and a leadership job, contact the studio manager to set up a meeting and become a working member.

4. Sign up for independent studio time, chose a storage shelf for your work, and make the studio your creative home.


3 children’s classes, set up in 4 or 6 week sessions, (1.5hrs long, no more than 6 students) are taught by Martha Knox and Lisa Irgang. Text Martha at 330-242-4741 for more information.

Call or Text with questions 267-650-1757