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Earth Nation Ceramics

Youtube playlist series that covers everything from how to center on the wheel to making your own tea pot in the beginners playlist. This particular section link is for people who are starting from the very bottom of learning how to throw on the wheel.

Paulus Berensohn

At the 2013 NCECA ( Nation Council on Education for the Ceramic Art) Paulus Berenson was made an Honorary Member of NCECA, a 10,000 strong organisation representing artists throughout the USA. This edit from the film was played as part of the ceremony.

Emerging Artist Presentation at the 2015 NCECA Conference, Where the Wu Tang Clan Meets Worcester Porcelain.

Jon the Potter

A vlog about making pottery, being a business owner, entrepreneur, father, and adventurer. “Just Throwing Mugs”

Florian Gadsby

This video goes over the basics of how to centre clay, throw a pot on the wheel and thereafter how to remove it neatly, alongside many other tips and tricks that might help you learn how to throw. 

Lisa Naples

How to Make a Comfortable Slab-Built Handle