Advanced Skill-Building


Small groups, smart instructors, 1-2hrs to watch demos, take notes, and try your hand at new skills or hone the ones you’ve already got. Bring your making up a notch in enthusiastic company.  


studio members: 1 punch from your card

non-members: $50


with Meri Adelman, Cornelia Kietzman


smoke firing is a simple way to add rustic variety to your work, and is especially successful on sculptural pieces.

Bring at least two pieces already fired to maturity (glazed or un-glazed) and let the smoke do it's magic in 5 simple steps.

Text studio number to reserve your place.


with Adrienne Tyrey, Cornelia Kietzman, Gilana Tahir


June 26th, 1-3pm: Adrienne teaches drip glazing & overloading.
June 28th, 4-6pm: Cornelia teaches wax resist and underglaze layering
July 10th, 10-12noon: Gilana teaches oxide and underglaze washes for detailed textured pots.

Bring your notebook and 3 bisqued pieces to experiment on, or use pots from our unclaimed stash to test things out on.

Register in advance via text:

Carving & Underglazing

with Martha Knox, Cornelia Kietzman, Meri Adelman, Adrienne Tyrey

Carving & Underglazing

Before bisque firing, there are many ways to enhance your pots.

Cornelia teaches underglaze painting, carving, and stencils.

Martha and Meri teach mishima, sgraffito, and underglaze painting. Adrienne teaches underglaze transfers and taping.

Advanced Handbuilding

with June Turrell, Gilana Tahir, and Mercedes Weathers

Advanced Handbuilding

June 24th, 4:30-6:30pm: Mercedes teaches tall vessels. Find out how to go tall without cracks or slumping.
Come ready to start a project, along with ideas and motivation to head you into your independent work.

Register in advance by texting the studio: 267-650-1757