Upcoming Events

Women’s Creativity Nights

a unique way to get creative in the company of other wonderful women.
BYOB chocolates provided—$40

Your creativity will be revived!

Sequence Painting with Cornelia

Using your non-dominant hand and some simple tools, high quality oil paints and three small canvasses, you will surprise yourself with your little masterpieces!

FACING OURSELVES: Drawing/painting with Meri

Using the instructor’s experience, guidance and portraiture skills, we will work collaboratively as a warm-up and then you will branch out on your own. Using a variety of water-based mediums, you will learn about blending colors and shadowing from a completely new perspective. Meri sees between the lines and will help you to bring out more than you thought possible.


Monotype Workshop: Get a taste of drawing, painting, and printmaking all in one exciting workshop. Monotype printmaking is an immediate process with great potential for personal expression through spontaneous use of colors, textures, and layering. Monotypes are a relatively modern innovation in art-making that was widely used by the Impressionists. We will use water-based inks and a variety of tools and techniques. Come prepared to experiment and have fun!
 Introduction to White Line Woodcuts: White line woodcut printmaking is a uniquely-American style of printmaking developed in Provincetown, Massachusetts in the early 1900’s. It involves carving a line drawing into a wood block and then printing the various colored sections using watercolors one section at a time. The results can be strikingly colorful and expressive. For this workshop we’ll be carving small, balsa wood blocks and printing with watercolors on heavy watercolor paper.
 Introduction to Collage: Collage is a unique medium with the potential for making all kinds of imagery, from weird and fantastic to muted and decorative. In this workshop we’ll  look at some examples of professional collage and then make our own works of art using simple techniques. We will incorporate decorative papers and magazine/photo clippings.
Paper Bowl Making: Use a wide variety of beautiful papers and the paper strip over a form technique to create a one-of-a-kind decorative bowl. Each participant will also take home a small container of gloss gesso to seal their artwork at home after it dries.