Studio Time SLots

$400: 3 hours long, plus additional time for clean up and sanitizing. A 10-pass is $400, and includes the use of reconstituted clay, glazes, firings, tools, equipment. 

Children’s Classes:

$80:  1.5 hours long. We bundle the classes into 4-class passes for $80 because working with clay is a multi-class process. Your child will learn the basics, but then they will embellish, and glaze and find success in completion. 

Adult Workshops:

$40: 1-2 hours long and are focused on skill-building. We offer various workshops each month on topics such as Glazing, Underglazing/Carving (mishima and sgrafitto), Underglaze transfers, Smoke-firing, Handbuilding Large and Tall, Drip/Overload glazing, and more. Each workshop costs 1 punch ($40) off your 10-pass card. 

Workshops and cards can be paid for in person at the studio with cash or check, or text us for Venmo or Cash App options..

Please call/text first to visit, sign up for classes, buy a 10-pass card, or for further information. 

Outlaw Arts, 20 E. Mt. Airy Avenue, side entrance, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19119