$240 buys a 6-pass good for one training course. Each course is a 6-week series covering intro clay skills, good studio habits, glazing protocols, and cleaning. Full participation in the course is required prior to membership. (After 6-session membership training series, sign up for one of two membership options: regular membership or working membership)

Regular Membership

$400 buys a 10-pass good for 10 times in the studio for up to 3 hours at a time, plus up to 1/2 hr. additional time for clean up and sanitizing and includes the use of reconstituted clay, glazes firings, tools, equipment. (PrerequisitePre-membership 6-class membership training series)

Working Membership

$230/month meet with the studio manager to sign up for a studio maintenance job plus a leadership responsibility, then pay $220 on the 1st of the month, cause it’s good for the whole month! Sign up for whatever workshops or studio time works for you. (PrerequisitePre-membership 6-class membership training series)

4 Children’s Classes:

4 sessions-$100 buys a 4-session series of classes, each 1.5 hours long. We bundle the classes into 4-class sessions because working with clay is a multi-class process. Your child will learn the basics, but then they will embellish, and glaze and find success in completion. 

6 Children’s Classes:

6 sessions-$150 buys a 6-session series of classes for the homeschooling class.

Bag of Clay

$20-buys a 25-pound bag of clay