In an effort to simplify things we’ve come up with a slightly complicated set-up:

(Oh well! We tried!)

Children’s classes are 1.5 hours long and cost $20 per class but we bundle them in 4-class passes because working with clay is a multi-class process. Your child will learn the basics, but then they will embellish, and glaze and sometimes re-glaze till it turns out beautifully!

Adult classes are 2 hours long for handbuilding, 2.5 hours for throwing on the wheel, and cost $300 for a 10-class card (which can be shared with a friend or relative). For newcomers we offer a trial pass: 2-class pass for handbuilding ($70) and 5-class pass for throwing ($175).

Our SPECIAL EVENTS cost $35 each, but can be paid for using your 10-class card as well.

Classes and cards can be paid for in person at the studio with cash or check, or online using the link below.

Please call/text first to visit, buy a pass or 10-class card. ALWAYS text a day or two in advance before coming to a class! We want to make sure there’s room for you! To find out more information:

Six Senses Clay Studio Camps, 20 E. Mt. Airy Avenue, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19119

child 4-class card $80.00 USD
adult 2-class pass $70.00 USD
adult 5-class pass $175.00 USD
adult 10-class card $300.00 USD
Studio Art Camp week $275.00 USD
Studio Art Camp session $500.00 USD
Camp Outlaw week $475.00 USD

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