Once you’ve completed a pre-membership 6-week training course, you’ll be ready to join the studio and sign up for Independent Studio Time, and/or take Advanced Skills workshops. 


  1. Regular membership 10-pass card: $400 good for 10 visits to the studio (up to 3 hrs. working in the studio plus up to 1/2hr for clean up). 

  2. Working membership: meet with the studio manager to sign up for a studio maintenance job plus a leadership responsibility, then pay $230 on the 1st of the month, cause it’s good for the whole month! Sign up for whatever workshops or studio time works for you.


Independent studio time is up to 3 hrs. (plus an extra 1/2 hr. for clean up) for you to dig deep. Practice, practice, practice.
All your clay work must be done during your studio hours (throwing, building, trimming, decorating, glazing) and using our clay and glazes. We have reconstituted clay, towels, aprons, tools, 6 wheels, 2 slab rollers, over 50 glazes, numerous underglazes, slips, oxide washes all for you to use. If you want new clay right out of the box, we sell white or tan stoneware for $20/bag.


AFTER you’ve completed your 6-week basic training series, you can choose which works best for you: purchase a 10-pass, or join as a working member.

  • make your choice, and contact the Studio Manager to complete the purchase/membership requirements
  • you will then be given your own login to the member section of the website to schedule independent your studio time.
  • arrive on time, mask on 
  • wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • masks on, 6ft. apart
  • clean up thoroughly, leaving the studio cleaner than you found it 



In the member section of the website, you will have the option to signup for workshops on various techniques and skill-building as well as general guidance and troubleshooting sessions.