Adult Studio Time

Due to COVID-19 ALL classes and workshops are cancelled until Philly restrictions are changed. ONLY solo-studio time for advanced students available presently. Check in with us in February to see if classes are up and running!

Our studio is about community, trust, collaboration and inspiration. Once we are fully open again we will encourage newcomers to make a date to visit the studio and see our beautiful and unique space. If the studio suits your needs, then buy a 10-pass card for $400. The passes are good for 10 studio access periods, up to 3 hours per period, plus materials, tools, firings and equipment. They are also good for workshops. An intro workshop will be your first access period, and after that you will schedule access times that fit your schedule (all requests will be honored to the best of our ability- we just have to make sure that no more than 2 households/safe circles are sharing the studio at one time. Text the studio number and let us know the time slot you’d like.

We do NOT accept one-time visits or drop-ins because we are all about community and safety and getting to know one another. This will be your studio that we share together.


Text the studio number (267-650-1757) and request your slot at least a day ahead of time. It is possible to overlap slots, so go ahead and request the time that really works best for you, and we’ll see if we can accommodate.

You will need to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, plus a face mask. Please also bring an apron and a hand towel (aprons can be purchased at the studio for $20). Both your apron and your towel will come home with you to be washed and brought back for your next studio-time.

When doors and windows are open and fans are on, and you are alone in the studio, you don’t need to wear your mask. But when more than one household is in the studio, or you’ve got the AC on, please mask-up. Keep 6ft apart, wash everything you touch with soap and water, and then sanitize the knobs & handles you touched before you leave. During your Intro workshop you’ll get all the details on that.


We offer 5 workshops: Intro to Handbuilding, Intro to Wheel, Trimming & Surface Decoration, Smoke-Firing, and Glazing. ALL newcomers have to take one of the INTRO workshops before they can begin using studio-time. The other two workshops are for all levels. Each workshop is 3 hours long, and limited to 4 students. All precautions and protocols will apply. More info on the EVENTS page.

Please call or text first to visit, buy a 10-pass card, bring a pal, or find out more information: