Adult Studio Time

Independent studio time is up to 3hrs (plus an extra 1/2hr for clean up) for studio members to dig deep. Practice, practice, practice, right? 


Our studio is about community, trust, collaboration and inspiration. The way independent studio time works is an excellent example of that. We only allow up to 2 households or one safe-group at a time in the studio (using masks, social distancing, cleaning/sanitizing). People sign up in advance for the time period they’d like by texting the scheduler, then they come on time, follow all the protocols, get creative with clay, clean up thoroughly, and leave the studio cleaner than they found it so that the next person to use the space can come in and get to work without having to do any pre-cleaning or searching around for tools, etc. We honor our word,  enjoy ourselves fully, and take responsibility for our messes. It has made studio time a positive experience during these long covid months. To that end, all newcomers must take a basics class series plus 2 advanced skill-building workshops before they can begin to participate in independent studio times. This gives people new to the studio the chance to ask questions, learn the ropes, and get a feel for the community they are becoming a part of. Learning the cleaning protocols, the proper use of our equipment, the studio etiquette, etc., all helps keep our studio environment safe, orderly and clean, and working smoothly. 

We do NOT accept one-time visits or drop-ins because we are all about community and safety and getting to know one another. This will be your studio that we share together.


After you’ve completed your basic class series plus two workshops, text the studio number (267-650-1757) and request your preferred slot for studio time at least a day ahead. It is possible to overlap slots, so go ahead and request the time that really works best for you, and we’ll see if we can accommodate.

You will need to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, plus a face mask. Please also bring an apron and a hand towel (aprons can be purchased at the studio for $20). Both your apron and your towel will come home with you to be washed and brought back for your next studio-time.

When doors and windows are open and fans are on, and you are alone in the studio, you don’t need to wear your mask. But when more than one household is in the studio, or you’ve got the AC on, please mask-up. Keep 6ft apart, wash everything you touch with soap and water, and then sanitize the knobs & handles you touched before you leave. During your Basics class series you’ll get all the details on that.


We offer numerous workshops:  Trimming & Carving, Underglaze Transfers, Thin-slab building, Large pots, Smoke-Firing, Basic glazing, Drip-glazing, etc. ALL newcomers have to take one of the basics class series, plus 2 workshops before they can begin using studio-time.  Each workshop is 1-2 hours long, and limited to 4 students. All precautions and protocols will apply. More info on the EVENTS page.

Please call or text first to visit, buy a 10-pass card, or find out more information: