Founder Cornelia Kietzman has had her hand in clay her whole life. A second generation potter, Cornelia is one who prefers to make art in a truly collaborative atmosphere. Working on the wheel, with porcelain or stoneware, Cornelia loves making functional pieces that delight the eye and hand.

Flexible and committed to community-available art opportunities, the Teaching Staff is a powerfully creative group of leaders/thinkers. The heart of the studio, they work together to create a stunning, cohesive, collaborative clay studio. Artists, students of art, art appreciators and community members of all kinds are welcome to join us in this celebration of the artist within- OUTLAW ARTS at Six Senses Collaborative Clay Studio.

Teaching Staff:

Cornelia: all about the wheel, knows a bunch about glazing. Informative, positive. Bring your yoga mind to the studio and she will help make things happen.
Meri: vibrant visual artist who has brought her drawing background into clay. Playful and wise, she works intimately with you and your clay in handbuilding projects.
Martha: professional print-maker who has translated her woodcarving skills into ceramic visionary work. Patient, inventive, not afraid of lively color and form, she shares all this with her students.
Marge: equally comfortable teaching handbuilding and wheel, with a focus on textural work.
June: her training as an occupational therapist combined with her skilled artistic eye makes June an outstanding teacher of the human form.

Cornelia Kietzman