Flexible and committed to community-available art opportunities, the Teaching Staff is a powerfully creative group of leaders/thinkers. The heart of the studio, they work together to create a stunning, cohesive, collaborative clay studio. Artists, students of art, art appreciators and community members of all kinds are welcome to join us in this celebration of the artist within—OUTLAW ARTS at Six Senses Collaborative Clay Studio.


Cornelia Kietzman

Cornelia has had her hand in clay her whole life. A second generation potter, Cornelia is one who prefers to make art in a truly collaborative atmosphere. Working on the wheel, with porcelain or stoneware, Cornelia loves making functional pieces that delight the eye and hand.




Meri Adelman

Vibrant visual artist who has brought her drawing background into clay. Playful and wise, she works intimately with you and your clay in handbuilding projects.

Meri’s website


June Terrell

Her terra cotta figures and busts are alive with expression. It is her professional training in anatomy and physiology combined with her skilled artistic eye that makes June an outstanding teacher of the human form.


Martha Knox

Professional print-maker who has translated her woodcarving skills into ceramic visionary work. Patient, inventive, not afraid of lively color and form, she shares all this with her students.

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Adrienne Tyrey

Adrienne took the beginner wheel throwing class at Outlaw Arts in September 2019 and was immediately hooked. When COVID-19 shut down classes, she continued to build her skills through YouTube, Instagram, and good old trial and error. She is dedicated to constantly experimenting with new skills and techniques. 
Adrienne loves to create functional ceramics with vibrant surface decoration and glazing. With over a  decade of experience as an educator, she is excited to teach pottery beginners for the first time. 


Charlotte Anderson

Charlotte has been working with clay for over 20 years. She teaches wheel work and glazing as a self-care strategy in a stressful world.