What will 2021 bring? We don’t know yet! Our plan is to play it safe and stay creative. Summer camp? Maybe. Summer classes? Maybe. Check in with us in February!

ages 4-14    9am-5pm
$500/session (two weeks) $275/week
(8-9am early drop off  or after care add $10)

Week#1: FOcus on clay

mornings: clay work on the wheel, handbuilding and tile-making

afternoons: a variety of mediums including clay, painting, woodworking, paper-making, printing, weaving, soap-making, fun-food-prep, etc.

Week#2: FOcus on non-clay

mornings: theme based art projects, afternoons student choice options, end of the week glazing of first week’s projects, occasional field-trips to nearby playground and artist studios.