October news

It is happening! Dynamic sharing of ideas! Inspiring each other’s creativity! If you’ve been in the studio lately I’m guessing you’ve seen and felt it too. Yay us!


Saturday October 22nd is POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours) which means people will be coming by the studio 12noon to 6pm to see our work. 4 studio members have paid to be listed in the tour, but all of you are encouraged to display and sell your work (make sure you put a price tag on everything even if it just says NFS) because we each have every reason to be proud of what we are working on and what we’ve figured out so far.

So three requests:

  1. clean off your shelf and display your own work, or just leave bare for someone else to temporarily display their work.
  2. bring cookies and the studio will have mulled cider to share with our visitors, (store bought can be dropped off earlier in the week, home-made please bring on the 22nd)
  3. come hang out and talk to our visitors- they want to meet the artists. And if you have any carving or decorating to do, they’d love to see you at work (wheel work will be too messy, unfortunately)


Saturday October 22nd 6-8pm is our STUDIO PARTY to celebrate and eat and drink together. The studio will provide food (and possibly live music!) so bring a favorite beverage to share! Please come!


A new batch of members will be training in October/November, and another one in January/February.

If you have a friend or relative who’d like to join the studio, you could help them jump the line (we have a waiting list with about 20 people on it) by bringing them as a guest 4 times, show them the ropes, teach them our studio habits, and let Martha or me know and we’ll get them signed up as a new member! (all guests pay $40 each time they come with you).

And if you ever want to have the studio be all yours for you and a group of at least 3 friends or family for up to 3 hours, let a manager know. We can make that happen.

housekeeping reminders:

The slop sink is for clay that is TOO WET or TOO DRY to be useable. Any failed thrown lumps of clay should be spread out on the handbuilding table to dry for a few minutes and then wedged and put back in your bag of clay. Please don’t put those in the slop sink. It slows down the process of reclaiming clay.

All metal tools should be washed AND dried now because some of them are showing signs of rusting.

All sponges should be put away CLEAN, not dirty. Please.

Do your thorough clean up with a CLEAN SPONGE and then DRY with a CLEAN CLOTH. We managers have noticed things are a bit messier than usual these days. Let’s all make sure to leave the studio cleaner than you found it.

We re-use the clay boxes, please don’t tear them apart when opening.

please know that all of these reminders are in an effort to make the studio experience a positive one for everyone, not meant to be annoying or nit-picky.

And finally: thank you to all our working members for taking on a task and helping the studio run smoothly. You make a big difference! Any Limited Membership (10-pass) member wanting to try out a Working Membership (monthly) – we are experimenting with multi-tiered options so please text me to set up a time to talk- I bet we can make a membership work for you.

With much gratitude,