trimming & glazing workshops


cost: one punch from your 10-pass card

Come to one or more of these workshops and hone your skills, ask those questions, and practice new techniques/approaches with guidance. An enjoyable way to step it up a notch!

October 18th, December 13th:

Trimming is one of the most important steps in making a pot with integrity. Learn wet trimming as well as the traditional leather hard approach. Proper use of metal trimming tools will be clearly explained, as well as sgraffito and other decorative carving approaches. Even handbuilt pieces can be trimmed! Bring two leather hard pieces to experiment on.

October 25th, December 20th:

Glazing is a tricky step in working with clay, but with some information and time to practice a few techniques, you can begin to master this part of the process. At this workshop you will learn about taping, stamps, wax resist designs, overlapping glazes, glaze trailing, and low vs. high fire glazes.

You’ll also find out the difference between celadons and opaque glazes, and learn how and when to use matte and glossy glazes together for unique results. Bring a few of your own bisqued pieces to try techniques out on, or practice on some abandoned pots from our stash.

See you on Sundays!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rochelle Sauber says:

    These workshops sound great. I hope I can get to a few. Keep them up! Would you do during the week sometime for those of us who have conflicts on weekends?


    1. Would Thursday nights work for you?


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